white calendar 6-10 June, 2022 

The cat is out of the bag - TOMRA Food applied our best-in-class sorting solutions to the Pet Food industry.

Our pets mean the world to us, and our tech ensures any Foreign Materials, Cross Contamination, and any ill-shapen pieces of Kibble or Treats are in the trash and out of the bowl. Our Moisture Application analyzes each piece on the line, so you can consistently meet specs and deliver safe food with every bag your customers buy.

The week of June 6-10, our Pet Food expert, Scott Knowlton, will have a Demo week dedicated to dried Pet Food at our TOMRA Food Sacramento office and running your product on your schedule with best-in-class solutions. Our TOMRA 5C and TOMRA 5B will be running products alongside our reliable Nimbus.

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Scott Knowlton
Area Sales Manager Proteins
Scott Knowlton
Area Sales Manager Proteins

Our trusted Pet Food expert, Scott Knowlton, will discuss how Pet Food manufacturers' can achieve operational excellence while ensuring a high-quality end product despite the challenges experienced in the industry. vital to your business to
For the last 25 years, Scott has worked in Protein applications in North America with advanced optical sorting technology. With his passion for advancing quality control applications, he has focused his attention on Pet Food and Rendering operations to help processors create safe, clean products while ensuring profitability.