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In February this year, TOMRA welcomed BBC Technologies to the Food family. With an ever-increasing consumer focus on super-foods such as blueberries, the addition of BBC Technologies to our portfolio allows us to better serve the needs of growers and packers. With BBC Technologies and Compac, TOMRA now offers the world’s most complete small-fruit sorting and packaging portfolio for large to small packhouses, and for the growing number of repack and fresh produce distribution centres worldwide. Below is a bit more information about the New Zealand based company, who are achieving big on the world stage.

BBC Technologies is the global leader in complete turnkey solutions for sorting, grading, optimizing, and packing small fruit (40mm or less).BBC logo-01 They specialize in soft, delicate varieties in which their industry-leading technology preserves the natural characteristics of each piece of fruit. BBC Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and installs all end-to-end turnkey lines themselves, which include traceability and analytics software. They do not outsource any of their research, design, manufacturing, sales or service. Their turnkey automated solutions, for both fresh and frozen product, range from optical sorting and selection for defects, color, softness, and size to packing product into different sizes clamshells, punnets, and boxes.

BBC Technologies is dedicated to delivering the most advanced innovation and technology to the global fruit industry. They believe that reducing waste and costs, improving efficiencies, and eliminating day to day operational headaches is the key to the future of the fruit industry. To implement this vision, they have built an established and ongoing Berry Science Program which, through years of research, has compiled the most extensive collection of berry samples and data that exists in the world. They are committed to conducting business with the highest level of integrity and honesty, both with their customers and within the company.Bbc- kato True to their engineering roots, BBC Technologies maintains an innovation-led corporate culture designed to promote and develop the creativity of each employee and maximize their ability to meet the needs of the fast-changing global fruit industry.

BBC Technologies exists for fruit producers with the ambition to make the most of their post-harvest operations, regardless of where they are in their evolution today. They're a true partner, whether they're increasing efficiency with their customers’ existing processes, removing day-to-day operational headaches or reducing costs and waste. Since 2000, they have produced innovative, successful products through their focus on their customers’ needs, collaboration, and innovation. They are structured to collaborate closely with their customers; therefore, all their Research and Development is performed internally with team members regularly travelling globally to gain first-hand experience with the issues and opportunities their customers encounter. They are proud of their installations in over 30 countries worldwide, more than 1300 of which are smart machine installations. 

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Written by TOMRA Food

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