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We’re Going Nuts Without You: Join our first online nut event

As we continue to receive emails confirming the inevitable cancellation or postponement of our favorite shows and events, I can’t help but feel a sense of loss and sadness over not seeing my friends and colleagues within the nut industry.

Don’t get me wrong, working from home also has a bright side (like being closer with your family); but I’m also extremely thankful that it has become socially acceptable to hear kids fighting and dogs barking in the background of my TEAMS meetings.  

Many of these missed events bring energy and excitement to me and our business. They provide an opportunity to share thoughts about the future of our industry, new ideas about processing, and uniquely designed layouts that are helping to gain those small efficiencies we so desperately chase. For most of these shows, we would have a stand or a booth where we get to catch up and share ideas about what the future may hold. We would have an opportunity to give talks and presentations about new equipment that could make a significant difference to your bottom line.

For those of us extroverted people in sales, marketing, and customer-facing roles, this sense of isolation can be especially difficult. Since we don’t have the opportunity to see everyone in person, we’re launching forward into a new way to connect with you (don’t worry, it’s not another Zoom call- no webcam required). We are announcing our first TOMRA Nut Webinar! The event will be all about the ideal California almond sorting line.

TOMRA Nut Webinar 

In this webinar, we will embrace all those new ideas we didn’t get to share at the events and discuss the technology we found to be the most successful in each section of the line. 


X-rays, lasers, cameras, and hyperspectral biometric signature identification (BSI+) all have their specialties and advantages in different places. We’ll address specific defects, like pinhole and embedded shells, and how to maximize your success in removing these. We will also look at how the time of year can impact this. As we work our way through the line, we will close with the official release of TOMRA’s newest belt sorting machine, the TOMRA 5Band provide details and statistics regarding the performance we have documented in our first validation on almonds.

Please join me on our first journey through the webinar universe!

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Brendan O'Donnell

Written by Brendan O'Donnell

Brendan O'Donnell, Global Category Director (Nuts) at TOMRA Food, is also a member of the INC Scientific and Government Affairs Committee – a collection of academics and industry experts who work collaboratively to monitors scientific and technical issues related to international and supranational regulations, food safety and agricultural quality standards.