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TOMRA Food to showcase high-tech optical sorting systems for meat, poultry and petfood at IFFA

Consistent high quality, reliable ejection of defective product, and less waste of valuable food - this is what TOMRA Food stands for. The company, part of the TOMRA group headquartered in Norway, strengthens its commitment to global sustainability through innovative analytics and cutting-edge sorting systems. At the IFFA trade fair from May 4 - 9, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany, TOMRA the leading manufacturer of sensor-based systems will not only showcase its Process Analytics Portfolio for the meat and poultry industry but will also demonstrate optical sorting solutions for petfood, a first in the industry.

“One of our aims is to help our customers reduce food waste and improve yields,” says Thorsten Niermeyer, Business Unit Manager Process Analytics at TOMRA Food. “Today, between 35% and 50% of all the food produced is wasted, and that’s something TOMRA Food intends to change. Our revolutionary technologies bring more food to the table, thereby enhancing sustainability and profitability.”


Operations and applications experts from TOMRA will be on hand at IFFA to show and explain to both poultry and red meat processors the benefits of the company’s technology.

TOMRA FatScan – in-line fat analysis for smaller and medium volume processors

The profitable TOMRA FatScan performs a sensor-based analysis of the fat content of meat such as beef and pork, whether frozen or fresh. The system reliably and continuously monitors products of various shapes and sizes - both trimmings, diced or minced meat. Thanks to the interactance spectroscopy developed by TOMRA, fat content is determined with high accuracy for the entire product flow passing through the system and can be adjusted in real-time. This helps avoid production stops.


The easy-to-use system features an intuitive user interface as well as providing measurement data and reports at the touch of a button. It offers complete traceability and documentation of all processes. The compact TOMRA FatScan helps users standardise and classify meat, optimises the purchasing process, and ensures an exceptionally efficient use of raw materials - enabling users to reach higher margins. The result is end products of consistently high quality

The filtering out of chicken breast fillet with firm connective tissue poses a great challenge for quality control in the poultry industry. The TOMRA QV-P, a unique patented detection system for poultry meat, chicken butterflies and fillets, can reliably detect meat with the muscle myopathy known as “wooden breast”. The system thoroughly scans the product flow at processing rates of up to 240 fillets per minute and classifies each fillet in real time. The user-friendly system can be easily integrated into existing lines or is available as a stand-alone version. The recorded measurement data can be retrieved in the form of a report at any time, thus ensuring complete documentation and traceability of all processes.

Sorting solutions for petfood

TOMRA has also applied its pioneering expertise to sustainable and efficient petfood sorting technologies. TOMRA petfood solutions allow petfood manufacturers to easily remove even very small particles of foreign materials from dry meat & bone meal, ground frozen meat, biscuit residue and dry kibble.


By recalibrating sorting machines originally designed to ensure the purity of food for human consumption, extensive tests have identified the best TOMRA equipment for specific petfood sorting tasks. This has led to the optimal configurations for sorting efficiency and product yield.

Bjorn Thumas, Business Development Director at TOMRA Food, comments:

“Customers have increasingly high expectations of petfood quality. New applications of TOMRA’s sorting technologies now make it possible for petfood producers to easily and reliably meet the demands for higher quality and product safety. As TOMRA’s sorting solutions are well-proven with numerous food types, applying our technologies to petfood is a logical progression.”

Software innovations

To offer customers a tool that monitors the entire production process, TOMRA has recently collaborated with the French software provider, Versa. Versa develops software solutions for a broad range of industries, such as space, automotive and food. The collaboration between Versa and TOMRA has resulted in innovative software that integrates meat processing lines into in-company networks and enables the exchange of production data with a database.

The software offers customers extensive monitoring and control options that provide even greater security and that can be adapted to perfectly meet individual requirements: it offers application possibilities that are as varied and diverse as TOMRA’s customers. It can, for example, be used to sort meat cuts into boxes or pallets according to fat content.

IFFA 2019, Frankfurt, from 4 – 9 May 2019 Hall 9.1, Booth D30

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Marijke Bellemans

Written by Marijke Bellemans

Marketing Communications Manager - TOMRA Food