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“There is no doubt that we face challenging times over the next months, due to the
Covid-19 pandemic, but rest assured that TOMRA Food is taking all possible steps to
support your business.”

Over the past weeks, the extent of the Covid-19 virus as a global pandemic has become apparent. On both an
economic and personal level, this is an unsettling period for us all.

I want to reassure you that TOMRA Food has taken several proactive steps to ensure that we continue to
support your business in every possible way we can in these circumstances.

In preparation for potential disruption to our supply chain, we have identified and increased stocking of
critical components. These increased stock levels will ensure that we can continue to meet current and future
order expectations through this pandemic.

Over the past few years, we have pursued an active strategy of locating our experts as close as possible to our
customer's facilities. We have created a localized service structure that puts us in a more flexible position,
enabling us to continue to offer local support within local government crisis regulations. We will also leverage
our remote service and training tools to provide additional capacity to support customers without the need to
visit their sites.

Most importantly, I want to inform you that we are taking every measure to ensure that we keep our
employees safe; and by extension, you and your employees. We have already instituted a non-criticalinternational
travel policy and where possible, we have asked employees to work remotely with the latest
mobility tools.

While we all inevitably face some significant challenges; I feel that the steps that TOMRA Food has already
taken put us in a strong position to deal with the situation as it evolves. Through localized personnel, we are
making every effort to meet our obligations on installations, support and service.

Once again, I wish you, your family and your employees well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your local TOMRA Food representative.


TOMRA Food is taking further action to ensure business continuity while protecting its employees’ and customers’ health with the introduction of Virtual Demonstration Centers to provide interactive demonstrations at this time of limited contact.

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Ashley Hunter

Written by Ashley Hunter

Senior Vice President and Head of TOMRA Food Sorting