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Reducing Customer Claims and Product Recalls in the Petfood Industry

Product recalls are something no business can afford. While customer claims and product recalls are relatively infrequent in the petfood industry; when they do occur, they can be incredibly costly. While it’s impossible to put an exact figure on the financial and reputational impact they can have on a business or brand, it is widely acknowledged that the impact of a recall or claim is simply immense.

Due to the rising humanization and premiumization trends in the petfood industry, optical sorting has become increasingly common as a way of delivering a consistently high-quality output by ensuring superior foreign material removal and limiting cross contamination.

Removal of Foreign Material

While most wet and dry petfood processors already take several steps to keep foreign material out of their product (with a metal detector commonly deployed as a means of inspection), there is always a risk of some foreign material going undetected. Not only does this significantly compromise product quality, it greatly enhances the risk of a claim or product recall.  

With an optical sorting step, the Quality department can be fully assured that foreign bodies such as rubber, plastics, wood and stone, etc. will be automatically detected and rejected on inspection.


Limitation of Cross Contamination

Due to the nature of the production process, mixed product is almost inevitable. While cleaning in between each run can help to reduce this issue, it is by no means a foolproof option.

In addition to efficiently detecting and removing foreign material, optical sorting offers a reliable solution when it comes to tackling cross contamination by analyzing the chemical composition of each kibble.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of private label premium dry petfood, GA Pet Food Partners have implemented optical sorting as a way to meet the superior level of quality its customers demand. By inspecting each individual kibble, the Nimbus BSI+ ensures superior detection of contaminants. Click here to see how optical sorting has helped GA Pet Food Partners to achieve optimized sorting and break open new markets.


Customer claims and product recalls are very often related to the presence of foreign material or cross contamination. By tackling both of these issues, optical sorting works to safeguard your business by enhancing quality without creating a bottle neck in the processing line.

Talk to one of our Petfood Experts today and find out how optical sorting will benefit your business.


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Bregt Verleden

Written by Bregt Verleden

Business Development Specialist - Petfood