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The key to remaining competitive in a crowded market: Can a brand be a Man's Best Friend?

Brand Loyalty. For some, it’s a buzz word. For others, it’s marketing jargon. For petfood manufacturers, it’s the key to remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. But can a brand ever be a man’s best friend? 

While a brand may not be able to compete for that position, it can certainly come close. When it comes to petfood, consumers seek long-term reliability and quality for the beloved canine members of their family.  

In a Forbes article, pet industry expert Phillip Cooper highlights a number of key cultural changes affecting changing consumer demands. Among them, Cooper cites a move from traditional petfood to healthy alternatives with pet owners paying more attention than ever to quality and ingredients; it’s a fact, we love our pets and are willing to spend just as much (if not more) on them as we do on our own food to ensure their health and happiness.   

Much like a tried and tested breakfast cereal, pet owners are less inclined to jump from one brand to another and, instead, stick with one that takes the time to nurture their trust by delivering a consistently high-quality product time and time (and time) again. 

Petfood Brand recognition

For pet food manufacturers, this presents huge opportunity but also leaves little room for error. One seemingly simple inconsistency can be incredibly costly in terms of lost customers. 

The fact is, consumers don’t always file a formal complaint when they encounter foreign material or cross contamination in their bag of kibbles; instead, they simply move onto the next petfood supplier. The odds of them ever coming back to your brand? Slim to none. 

The emphasis on quality means consistency is absolutely crucial, which means ensuring your product is clean, safe and exactly what it claims to be.  


Implementing an optical sorting solution in a petfood production line is possibly the only way to guarantee a consistently safe and high-quality outputTOMRA Food’s optical sorting solutions remove all kinds of foreign materials (plastic, rubber, wood, stones, glass, metal, etc.) as well as cross contamination in kibbles. 

Driving brand loyalty means investing in technology that can help to deliver superior products and nurture trust. Many businesses can make the mistake of focusing on instant results with some often failing to remember that retention is vital to growing your business into the future and remaining competitive. That means delivering quality, consistently. 

The result? Brand loyalty. Consumers will stay loyal to your brand as long as you stay true to your promise of consistent quality. Trust us, the pay offs are huge.


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Bregt Verleden

Written by Bregt Verleden

Business Development Specialist - Petfood