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TOMRA Food has introduced the TOMRA 3A sensor-based sorting machine for freshly harvested root crops, offering potato growers unrivalled sorting capabilities, dependability, and affordability.

Blending potato varieties on the rise

Since the humble precursor to modern potato first domesticated in Peru 10,000 years ago, the tuber has branched off into thousands of different varietals. Far from being selectively exclusive, different potato cultivars are often combined during the food manufacturing process to get speciality mixes for unique potato derived products. Getting the blending right not only determines the look of the end product, but can impact both the texture, taste and durability.


LEUVEN, BELGIUM, 23 October 2018 – Cavendish Farms, one of the largest processors of frozen potato products in North America, is equipping its new, state-of-the-art production facility in Lethbridge, Alberta with TOMRA’s Eco steam peelers.

Steam peeling: increasing profitability and reducing waste in potato processing

As TOMRA ships its 200th steam peeler from our state of the art processing facility in Slovakia, we take a look at the impact steam peeling has on profitability and waste reduction in the potato processing industry.

GRIMME & TOMRA join forces for the potato industry

GRIMME Group has joined forces with TOMRA, the global leader in food sorting solutions. The partnership will result in the industry-leading TOMRA FPS (Field Potato Sorter) being integrated into the RH Combi to create the GRIMME PowerCombi solution.

05 December 2017

Portuguese potato trader Oliveira improves quality and productivity with the TOMRA Sentinel II

Last June, Oliveira Pinho & Filhos, a family business located in the municipality of Mira (Portugal) dedicated to the trade of bagged potatoes and onions, purchased a Sentinel II optical food sorter from TOMRA. This machine is equipped with the latest pulsed LED technology for sorting food at a higher speed than earlier models.

30 October 2017

Aviko SnowValley teams up with TOMRA Sorting Food

We have recently partnered with SnowValley Agricultural Group and Aviko Group during the development of a new state-of-the-art French fry processing facility in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China.

03 October 2017

Potato processors' fight against foreign objects

With worldwide demand for potato products continuing to grow, TOMRA Sorting Food is supporting potato processors by launching an enhanced sorting solution which removes more than 98 percent of all typical foreign objects found in product streams after washing and peeling.

25 September 2017

TOMRA ships largest Eco steam peeler ever

TOMRA Sorting Food has delivered an industry first in the form of the world’s highest capacity steam peeler, which will be used by a leading potato processing company.

08 May 2017