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How optical sorting can maximize protein content and increase the value of your meat and bone meal

Optical sorting equipment has been a vital component in food processors’ production lines for years. Surprisingly, however, sorting technology has only recently made its way into the petfood processing industry.

How to solve the issue of physical hazards in meat and bone meal

Besides biological and chemical hazards like Salmonella and Mycotoxins, physical hazards can also contaminate the raw materials used for petfood.

TOMRA Food to showcase high-tech optical sorting systems for meat, poultry and petfood at IFFA

Consistent high quality, reliable ejection of defective product, and less waste of valuable food - this is what TOMRA Food stands for. The company, part of the TOMRA group headquartered in Norway, strengthens its commitment to global sustainability through innovative analytics and cutting-edge sorting systems. At the IFFA trade fair from May 4 - 9, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany, TOMRA the leading manufacturer of sensor-based systems will not only showcase its Process Analytics Portfolio for the meat and poultry industry but will also demonstrate optical sorting solutions for petfood, a first in the industry.


TOMRA Food, the leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines for the food industry, has become the first to provide advanced sorting solutions for petfood producers. By developing four new sorting applications of its proven technologies, TOMRA has made it possible for petfood manufacturers to easily remove even very small particles of foreign materials from dry meat and bone meal, ground frozen meat, biscuits residue, and dry kibble.