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Success story: Coplana, Brazil

In accordance with its quality assurance programmes, Coplana went ahead and installed a Helius machine from TOMRA Food, making a leap forward in food safety

INC 2019: Key Trends in the Global Nut Industry

One of the most important trade shows for the global nuts sector, the annual International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) Congress, held in Florida earlier this summer, presents an invaluable opportunity for industry leaders to share knowledge, expertise and, most importantly, key insights and forecasts into where this multi-million-dollar food industry is going.

TOMRA Food appoints nut expert to tighten customer relationships globally

TOMRA Food announces the appointment of a highly experienced category expert to strengthen its global sales organization, further tighten its relationship with the nut industry, and consolidate its position as a thought leader in the sector.


Olam Progıda, one of Turkey’s leading hazelnut exporters, have been increasing their efficiency and product quality with TOMRA’s sorting machines for more than 20 years. The company, which most recently purchased TOMRA Nimbus BSI+ machines that were delivered in 2018, ascribes its long-standing partnership with TOMRA to its satisfaction with its added value to food safety and with its after-sales services.

Nimbus BSI+ pistachio sorting machine boosts pistachio defect detection

Nimbus BSI+, TOMRA’s advanced nut and dry fruit sorter, is a highly-effective solution for detection and elimination of out of quality pistachios during the nut processing cycle. With advanced nut sorting and processing capabilities, Nimbus BSI+ makes life easier for many pistachio producers, maximizing their yields and boosting the end-product quality.

Resolving challenges in peanut processing industry

With global peanut production huffing past the 45 million metric ton mark in 2018, according to International Nut and Dry Fruit Board, the global appetite for this unassuming ground nut has been skyrocketing. Not only have peanuts established themselves as an increasingly versatile food item in the human diet, but their consumption is distributed globally, with China producing and consuming approximately 40% of the produce.

Nimbus BSI+ proves its value to the nut industry one year after launch

It’s been a year since TOMRA launched its innovation in the Nimbus Biometric Signature Identification (BSI+) technology at The Almond Conference, December 2017 in California.


Bright Light Agribusiness, one of the fastest growing private companies in the Australian almond industry, has selected TOMRA Food as its partner for an end-to-end almond sorting solution. A total of 15 sorters will be installed at the company’s state-of-the-art almond processing facility in Hattah/Victoria to achieve the processing objective of a “pack-to-grade” quality in a single pass.

Insight from INC Congress 2018: 5 trends facing the nut industry

Every year, the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) hosts their World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress. This event provides a platform for seeking opportunities in the nut and dried fruit industry from networking to updates on industry statistics and forecasts. XXXVII Congress, welcomed more than 1,500 participants to the sunny Seville, Spain.