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Bola Surendra Kamath & Sons (BSK) started in the early 1940s when the enterprising Mr. Bola Raghavendra Kamath began trading commodities. He was successful in his business, yet still, a seed had been planted as Bola developed a particular interest in cashews. The years went by, and the seed continued to grow. He envisioned pioneering a prosperous cashew industry in the coastal city of Mangalore, and in 1958, it was time to take the first step in fulfilling his dream. This year is now etched in the history books, laying the foundation for the cashew processing industry in Mangalore, as Mr. Bola’s idea came to fruition.


Revolutionary Upgrades to Sensors and Insight Tools Lead to Better Bottom Lines for Processors. 

The multiple benefits of sorting cashews with machines

Cashew processing in India is getting more challenging, especially considering manual labor and the current global environmet. Maximizing quality is especially important to maintaining India’s reputation as a premium cashew market and perhaps the best weapon to have in the battle for product quality and commercial competitiveness is optical sorting machines. Acquiring such machines is a significant financial decision, but also a wise investment that pays back with rich rewards.

Turkey's leading hazelnut exporter has further increased its production capacity while, at the same time, protecting product safety.

Turkey’s leading hazelnut exporter, Durak Findik, has further increased its production capacity to meet export demand by investing in automation technologies. By acquiring five new TOMRA Nimbus BSI+ sorting machines, which will also ensure product quality and food safety, Durak Findik has increased to 28 the total number of TOMRA machines at its hazelnut processing facilities in Ordu, Samsun, and Hendek-Sakarya.


New digital publication offers nut processors valuable advice 

We’re Going Nuts Without You: Join our first online nut event

As we continue to receive emails confirming the inevitable cancellation or postponement of our favorite shows and events, I can’t help but feel a sense of loss and sadness over not seeing my friends and colleagues within the nut industry.

The new sorting machine that’s a game-changer for nut processors

It’s not often that a game-changer comes along in nut processing, but one just has. This is the TOMRA 3C, a new optical sorting machine validated in field trials last year which achieves unrivalled sorting efficiencies and product yields.

Meeting the many tough new challenges in nut processing

Because so much is changing so quickly, nut processors face more challenges today than ever before. Some will have to modernize their working practices and technologies in order to survive. Others, by making best use of technologies, will turn the challenges into opportunities and thrive.

Five big trends nut processors can profit from

Businesses that stand still get left behind. This is especially true today in nut processing. Sticking for too long with the same old working practices and machines is standing still. Not getting left behind requires awareness of latest processing technologies and market trends. But which trends are here to stay, and how can processors profit from them, either now or in the near-future?

Interesting, challenging times for the nut industry

With endless information streaming into our lives and new actions being taken around the COVID-19 virus every day, it has many of us, including myself, asking the question: What now? How do I keep my business operating? How do I protect the health and safety of my employees? How long is this going to last? Can I get a refund on my U2 concert tickets? While we don’t have answers to all the questions, I find it helpful to recap what we know for sure, especially as it relates to the nut processing industry.