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The Swiss company Kentaur AG, a specialist in cereals processing, has been using a TOMRA 3C optical sorting system to sort puffed grain for a year now. This has resulted in a significant optimization of output: the TOMRA sorter ensures high sorting performance and accuracy and helps Kentaur meet the strictest requirements for food safety and quality. The investment has paid off - since the new system was introduced, there have been very few issues with the puffed grain end products.

TOMRA 3C continues to work smoothly and perform well at Koushuiwa, China

Suzhou Koushuiwa Food Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, specializes in the development, production and sales of snack food. Koushuiwa Food has three major brands, Koushuiwa, Moon Street, and Jiangnan Cuisines. These brands’ best-selling products include sunflower seeds, orchid beans and other roasted seeds and nuts.

Probat to cooperate exclusively with TOMRA Sorting Food

Probat, the world's leading supplier of plants and machinery for the coffee and food industry, has teamed up with TOMRA Sorting Food, the global market leader for sensor-based food sorting machines.

20 June 2016