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How vegetable processors can have it all: Speed, quality, sustainability, safety and profitability

The need for speed at vegetable processing facilities can sometimes seem incompatible with their other operational and commercial objectives. Perishable produce must be sorted and packed quickly to maximize its shelf life, but the faster this is done, the less time there is for large volumes of produce to be sorted accurately for food safety and quality. And as an added complication, retailers and consumers increasingly expect food producers to adopt sustainable working practices.


What is your role at TOMRA?

Currently I’m a Project Manager. In that role I’m responsible for the (further) development of the TOMRA 5B. Before that I was Application Engineer.

Why vegetable producers should prepare for a plant-based revolution

Lewis Hamilton, Simon Cowell, Bill Clinton and half of Hollywood have recently announced their dedication to a plant-based diet. Veganism and vegetarianism are not new. What is new, is how we perceive these lifestyle choices and the sheer number of plant-based foods on offer to us. 

As the appeal of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy continue to grow, vegetable producers are presented with a new, highly lucrative market receiving heavy investment in preparation for enormous growth. 

TOMRA 3A improves output and productivity for premium potato producer

By using the TOMRA 3A high-performance sorting machine Duchemin (Caen) are able to ensure their potatoes are a premium product.

Making the future of Food sustainable

Nicolai Prytz, sustainability and strategy director at TOMRA, has looked at how businesses, consumers and policymakers can help make the future of food sustainable.

TOMRA Food’s corporate social media accounts to be renamed

As of mid-November TOMRA Food will be changing the name of its global corporate social media accounts from TOMRA Sorting Food to TOMRA Food.

How fresh potato packers are turning small potatoes into big profits

The global potato market is growing. Consumer demand is on the up, with the potato recognized once more as the nutritious, tasty, low-cost diet staple it is. Many factors have created this effect: value-added products, carb-friendly diets and new varieties of potato to name a few, plus promotions, such as Potatoes: More than a bit on the side.


I joined TOMRA Food as a Business Development Specialist in May 2017. From the market research at the beginning of a new project, until the development of marketing deliverables at the end, it is very exciting to introduce a new food sorting application to the TOMRA Food family. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling the world, discovering new cultures. 


Success story: Laragon, Australia

As a company who take great pride in delivering exceptional quality of both their kernel and in-shell produce, the TOMRA 3C has enabled Laragon to significantly enhance their operation.


TOMRA Food, the leading manufacturer of food sorting and peeling solutions, has once again participated in the Agroprodmash Expo. This is one of the largest exhibitions of equipment, machinery and ingredients for the food and processing industry in Russia.