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Steam peeling digital culture

Digital culture is the art of creating a society that uses digital tools to bring to life a real sense of shared experience. It's about bringing together passionate people employing a digital platform to create a shared experience.

Today we all use many digital tools, but how many of those contribute to digital culture? 

At TOMRA, we have thought a lot about digital culture. We have introduced digital tools and digital platforms to bring our global team closer together and bring our customers into our teams.

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Many of today's leading food companies have a rich history, passionate people, and a culture dedicated to producing the highest quality and flavor of food. Each new generation can produce food that is true to the brand principles while innovating and developing the process.

One of the critical parts of TOMRA Food's digital culture is customer participation. Incorporating a personal virtual demonstration experience with Potatoes, fruits, and other root vegetables to share knowledge and experience becomes an important focal point.

Customers can see their raw material, they can see the benefits of the steam peeling solution, and they can see that we want to fully understand the challenges they face and how steam peeling can solve them.

Simultaneously, the peeling lab team can see, smell, touch, and feel the produce. With carefully positioned cameras in the lab, the customer, located hundreds or even thousands of miles or kilometers away, can be present in the environment, direct the demonstration and help improve the result by sharing their insight.

It is difficult for a digital experience to replicate the combination of smell, noise, and the food processing line. When you visit a food company, all your senses are alerted to the symphony of process steps - you see what the line operators see, and you feel the raw material in your hands. Coupled with an explanation by an owner or process specialist who passionately describes the process and challenges, you understand the required solution.

Henry Ford said that "if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got." He had a valid point, and I suspect that many food processing companies see it as an aspiration. Replicating years of experience and culinary expertise passed from generation to generation is challenging but can be simplified using automation to make many subtle adjustments that would otherwise require years of practice.

Many of our team have been fortunate to visit hundreds of food processing facilities in every continent. Each facility is different, each customer process is unique, and this is what helps make it the exciting and enjoyable experience that it is. Food embodies the culture of the people who produce it, using the unique raw material grown in the country's soil and climate.


The next-generation steam peeling solutions are packed with digital tools and sensors to measure, adapt, and monitor process conditions - finally bringing together a genuinely automated peeling solution. Peeling, peel separation, digital product inspection can provide a real advantage to improve quality, improve raw material usage, and reduce waste.

Today, TOMRA has more than 1500 employees based in 80 countries to provide our customers with on-site and in-person support when they need it. Thankfully, many of our customers have continued to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they have welcomed personal visits from our technical support teams.

This year has accelerated the development of digital culture in many companies. Only dedicated digital culture companies, like TOMRA, bring the customer and innovation teams together with the necessary solutions and digital tools to capture the customer process and brand's essence.

Steve Jobs once said that "innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and not as a treat."

Perhaps 2020 will be the catalyst for innovation in digital culture.




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Eamonn Cullen

Written by Eamonn Cullen

Market Unit Manager Peeling - TOMRA Food