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Nimbus BSI+ pistachio sorting machine boosts pistachio defect detection

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Nimbus BSI+, TOMRA’s advanced nut and dry fruit sorter, is a highly-effective solution for detection and elimination of out of quality pistachios during the nut processing cycle. With advanced nut sorting and processing capabilities, Nimbus BSI+ makes life easier for many pistachio producers, maximizing their yields and boosting the end-product quality.

Nimbus BSI+: better defect and foreign material detection

The reason why Nimbus BSI+ offers that many advantages for pistachio producers is multiple.

Our in-house developed technology is not limited to a certain wavelength zone compared to other technologies on the market. The TOMRA technology offers the advantage that exactly these wavelengths zones are selected in which TOMRA Pistachio sorting - 02the variation between good products and challenging pistachio defects are the highest. Next to that the amount of data-points and the multispectral analysis of these data-points add more detail to the biometric signature identification.

Nimbus BSI+ allows for a thorough scan of possible external defects, using color, visual faults and additional biological composition differentiation. As a result, for both in shell and kernel pistachio sorts the most challenging defects are easily detected and separated from the rest of the pistachio batch like: insect damage, discoloration adhering hull, small sticks, rancidity, decay, mold, allergens and cross contamination.

Additionally, TOMRA’s advanced detection system allows for defects to be easily separated from good products, resulting in less false rejects or good products rejected with bad products, which ultimately leads to improved overall yield.

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Besides advanced defect detection capabilities, Nimbus BSI+ also possesses a superior ability to detect and separate any foreign objects from the pistachio mix, including plastic and non-related organic matter.

Safaa Ali, Managing Director of Zeina Foods, UK, said: “Because we are dealing with natural products (pistachios), none of the defects are similar. So, you could be faced with numerous foreign matter, stones, shells, that shouldn’t be in the final product. Without the TOMRA machine, we feel like we would be very restricted in the quality of the product and the volume that we can put through within the same timeframe.”

Easy to use, highly advanced pistachio sorting technology

Nimbus BSI+ is also user-friendly and efficient to operate. TOMRA Pistachio sorting - 01The classifier tool with a  wizard set-up approach offers an enhanced user experience. The system allows for an easy set-up of programs, as well as optimization and adaptation of these towards seasonal changes, whilst guaranteeing an improved overall sorting efficiency and yield over time.

The Classifier is efficient to use, with limited time needed for setup, adjustments and operation. This functionality also allows for the stabilization of the machine performance at a high level, over time.


How Nimbus BSI+ gives pistachio sorters a new competitive edge

Overall, Nimbus BSI+ really shines when it comes to figures. In a recent comparative analysis conducted, the Nimbus BSI+ attained a 2,7% improvement on false rejects and a 3% improved yield, when compared to the market average.

Brendan O'Donnell, TOMRA Food’s Global Segment Director - Nuts, says: “Nimbus BSI+ has really helped pistachio processors work more efficiently, produce an even higher quality product, minimize product waste and maximize profits. Nimbus BSI+ lifts the performance up to a higher level, especially since the challenging defects can be detected and separated from the good products more efficiently”. “We always work in partnership with our customers to understand their processing requirements and create solutions that meet their sorting needs. The result of these close partnerships and listening to customers’ needs is what lead to the launch of Nimbus BSI+”.

Taking your pistachio processing one step further

TOMRA Pistachio sorting - 03The overall benefits of using the Nimbus BSI+ system in pistachio production are numerous. Not only does it facilitate an increased yield of your pistachio production, but it makes sure that anything that should not be part of the production cycle is separated on time from the end product. Nimbus BSI+ is optimally designed to take your production to new heights.

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Sofie Hendrix

Written by Sofie Hendrix

Product Manager - TOMRA Food