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TOMRA Food’s online demonstrations: Answering frequently asked questions

In response to travel restrictions arising from COVID-19, TOMRA Food is now offering online demonstrations of its sorting machines. This new initiative makes it possible for customers to test-run TOMRA’s machines without visiting TOMRA in person. Here we share answers to frequently asked questions about these online demonstrations.

The advantages of online machine demonstrations

This might sound surprising, but seeing a sorting machine demonstration streamed live over the internet, rather than visiting a TOMRA Test and Demonstration Center in person, has some advantages. The need to stage online demonstrations, because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, has triggered innovations by TOMRA, which customers really appreciate.

Solutions for the frozen fruit industry

Incorporating new tools and technologies has helped with tasks since the beginning of time and marks the transition from using materials to effectively utilizing resources.  

Today's world requires solutions that were nonexistent in the past, but is new tech the answer to breaking old habits, can it make work simple for employees and managers, is it consistent? 

The multiple benefits of sorting cashews with machines

Cashew processing in India is getting more challenging, especially considering manual labor and the current global environmet. Maximizing quality is especially important to maintaining India’s reputation as a premium cashew market and perhaps the best weapon to have in the battle for product quality and commercial competitiveness is optical sorting machines. Acquiring such machines is a significant financial decision, but also a wise investment that pays back with rich rewards.

The affordably effective sorter for IQF fruit processors

In the business of IQF fruit processing, it’s a fact of life that small and medium processors often cannot afford the same setup of sorting machines as larger processors. Whereas larger operations typically invest in a combination of different technologies like laser and camera, medium and small operations tend to rely on one sorter camera-based sorters which are less costly but also less sophisticated.


New premises, with Customer Experience Center and Regional Training Hub, will strengthen the customer support provided across Latin America by TOMRA Food, Compac, and BBC Technologies

Potato fresh packers are finding that sorting machines solve many challenges

Running a potato fresh pack line involves keeping an eye on so many variables that it can seem like juggling – and now, because of COVID-19, there are more balls to keep in the air. Performing the seemingly impossible can become possible, however, when TOMRA Food provides a helping hand. TOMRA’s optical sorting machines, well known for sorting to high levels of accuracy with low levels of waste, also solve a wide range of pack line challenges which have intensified since the emergence of COVID-19.


Quality and traceability, two important requirements of potato fresh packing, are threatened by market disruptions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have increased home-cooking and the popularity of fresh potatoes, packers may have been tempted to keep up with demand by sending greater quantities of potatoes down the line or setting lines to run at higher speed – but this makes quality control more difficult.

TOMRA Food and Ortofrutticola Parma

Installing TOMRA’s Sentinel II sorting machine has enabled the Bolognese company to select large quantities of potatoes – its flagship products – with great precision and minimal waste