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Pack Expo 2018: See how TOMRA is helping boost productivity and profitability for diverse food producers

Tomra at Pack expo

TOMRA is the world leader in helping major food growers, processors and packers boost productivity and reduce waste with sophisticated sorting sensors, new technologies and flexible service packages.

TOMRA’s industry leading products and services ensure food is accurately sorted, leading to increased yields and improved food safety.Book a meeting

While being the largest food sorting and peeling company, TOMRA is also the industry leader in recycling and mining, and will demonstrate its latest belt sorter, the TOMRA 5B, at Pack Expo (Booth E-7710), October 14 – 17 2018 in Chicago, USA.

Food sorting technology that’s more reliable and user-friendly than ever before

In response to increasing market demand for better quality inspection, improving production yields, increasing productivity, reducing downtime and labor costs, and lowering training costs, TOMRA has invested heavily in research and development to ensure our customers stay on the leading edge. As a result, we will be showcasing our latest, food sorting solutions at Pack Expo 2018.


A focus of our attendance at this high-profile event will be on-booth demonstrations of French Fry sorting on our TOMRA 5B machine and our real-time, user-friendly user interface,

Contact us to book a slot to see how easy it is to optimize your production using our solutions to sort potatoes, vegetables, candy, nuts, dried fruit and more.

Can we sort your product? Why not see here?

TOMRA products to be showcased at Pack Expo 2018

TOMRA 5A - Bringing more than 98% removal rate of foreign objects, quality inspection and peel quality control to the table. TOMRA 5A small 150pxWith the highest capacities in the industry, this process potato sorter significantly increases the level of food safety and yield. This machine has had significant value adding improvements in the last months, keeping all the good from its predecessor, Halo, but also adding a new way of processing, to make sure you improve yields even further, and lower maintenance costs. Additionally, the TOMRA 5A is the only sorter on the market that incorporates a Peel Control Module, providing direct feedback to your peeler and improving yields by more than 15%! Learn more here before the show.

TOMRA 5B – Do you want to reach the highest standards for food quality and safety, toTOMRA 5B small 150px optimize your financial yield, and to be less dependent of manual labor? TOMRA 5B offers 10% decrease in energy usage, improved foreign material detection and false detection using Smart View technology, lower training costs with easy to use ACT software, and all new hygienic design reducing cleaning time by 30%.  The 5B will a variety of food products, including potatoes, vegetables, fruit, nuts candy, seafood and more. Learn more here before the show.

TOMRA ACT user interface: — There is no point in investing in technology if you can’t get the most out of it. This is where TOMRA ACT makes it easy to use even our most sophisticated machines. This intuitive and functional graphical user interface design and operating system encompasses a one-screen layout so users can see all critical sort information and real-time sorting data at a glance. Quick monitoring and fast adjustments are possible at all times, which means our customers are always in control of the quality of the sort.

TOMRA growth and better customer service

We have recently invested in acquiring some of the leading food sorting businesses in our industry, with the goal of providing an even more solutions toour customers. BEST, Odenberg, Compac and now BBC Technologies are all now called TOMRA Food. Tomra care circleThese acquisitions have significantly broadened our capabilities, knowledge and technology so that we are able to offer the best products for every application. Bringing to that also the access to technology, used in other industries, like Mining and Recycling, gives us the possibility to find an answer to every sorting challenge.

Providing great customer service continues to be a primary TOMRA focus. We are inviting all current customers to talk to us about their TOMRA Care packages to learn more about the benefits from the latest product offerings.

Carsten Soendergaard, Service Director Food Americas at TOMRA, says: “We constantly work to ensure our machines deliver maximum uptime and top performance. If problems do arise, our growing TOMRA Care team continue to be trained to ensure our customers can help avoid production losses and keep everything up and running.

Learn more about our TOMRA Care service offering here

We look forward to seeing you at the show.Book a meeting 

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Mark Host

Written by Mark Host

Regional Sales Director Americas - TOMRA Food