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Keeping our homes healthy and safe in times of uncertainty

The far-reaching impact of Covid-19 has influenced the way that billions of people live and thousands of businesses function. It has been extraordinary to see how people of the world, despite all of our differences, have come together to fight the virus and support each other in this time of turmoil.

We have seen farmers and MNC's donate excess produce to food banks during this time and show us that even industries that are hurting themselves can still help others.

Petfood sorting


Additional time at home means that we are around family and our beloved pets more than usual, and the latter has had an easier time adjusting and did it without a complaint. Spending more time at home also means that there are more trips to the kitchen in a day and as a byproduct, we are purchasing more when we go to the supermarket.  During the lockdown, most of our partners are producing at higher levels to match the growing demand and TOMRA works to ensure the petfood producers are able to do so safely.  With the help of TOMRA sorting technologies, our customers can keep up with changes in demand with just the press of a button and configure their lines to suit their needs and deliver consistently dependable products, even while working with skeleton crews.


The ongoing pandemic has changed many things but safety and your peace of mind are and always will be top priorities for us. 

Stay tuned for more information about partnering to optimize your resources while ensuring your product's safety is a priority. 

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Lars Povlsen

Written by Lars Povlsen

Sales Manager Petfood