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Ensure Next Season’s Success with the TOMRA 5B

With this year's season well and truly over, it’s time to assess your operational performance by asking the following questions: Did you reap the full benefit of your time, effort and energy? Could you have done anything differently? Is there anything you could look at improving to elevate your process and ensure next season’s success?

You guessed it, these are all trick questions: Continuous innovation means there are always better, faster and more efficient ways of doing things.

At TOMRA Food, we work to assist our customers by ensuring every harvest is better than the year before. 

When it comes to smart investments such as implementing optical sorting into your operation, the business benefits are clear: reduced labor, increased quality, enhanced efficiency and the technological innovation needed to grow your business profitably into the future.



Respond to industry challenges with automation

Increasingly hard to source, expensive and difficult to retain; labor continues to be one of the biggest challenges in today’s food industry.

The good news? Automation is an effective solution.

A powerful labor-saving tool, the TOMRA 5B runs every hour, every day. Our customers praise the user-friendly interface, and, as the machine is delivered with pre-installed software settings, the TOMRA 5B is exceptionally easy to get up and running and operate daily. 

Increase quality and maximize output with optical sorting

The demand for high-quality food continues to rise, meaning only businesses who can keep up with the varying specifications of a diverse customer base will thrive.

Implementing optical sorting is the most effective way to streamline operations in order to uphold quality and meet food safety requirements.

With 360-degree SmartView, smart detection and smart ejection technology, the TOMRA 5B ensures the accurate removal of products with defects on color or shape, and takes out all foreign objects such as glass, plastic, stone, metal and insects to deliver superior product quality.

On top of that, the ‘Sort 2 Length’ and ‘Sort 2 Defect’ features allow a maximum number of specific defects in the accept stream, to ensure your output is within spec for each customer you sell to.


Tomra 5B


Achieve operational excellence with on-demand service

How much time did you lose as a result of scheduled maintenance or unforeseen machine downtime this season? Your machinery going bust unexpectedly - even for as little as a couple of hours - can be detrimental to your delivery targets, your output and, ultimately, your profit. 

With a maintenance contract as standard, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your machine is in good shape. With the TOMRA 24/7 global helpdesk, our team are also on call to ensure your machine is consistently performing. In the unlikely event that you do run into a problem, our helpdesk service team can remotely access your machine within minutes to quickly rectify errors, or, alternately, they can send one of our highly qualified Field Service Engineers to your factory should you require further onsite assistance and training.

Grow your business profitably into the future with the TOMRA 5B

Global trade conflicts, changing legislation on the use of pesticides and food safety standards, climate change and the variability of harvest quality (to name but a few) all present additional challenges to those operating within the food industry.

However, where there is challenge, there is opportunity, and at TOMRA Food we seize these opportunities by developing technology capable of generating profitable growth. For example, we have seen many of our customers using the TOMRA 5B to add additional food products to their business portfolio. Our application experts have helped them to program their machine in order to maximize their usage of the machine.

In addition to that, smart features such as Reverse Sorting recover 70 to 80% of good product from multiple rework streams, to boost yield and reduce waste to a degree that would be more difficult to achieve through manual sorting.

From small family companies to medium sized international enterprises and global conglomerates, we are proud that thousands of companies in the food industry trust TOMRA Food to help them to overcome industry challenges to produce a quality product.




As trusted industry partners, we have a unique insight into the challenges facing you today, whether you work local, national, continental or global. But we know that not one size fits all. Our whole business is based around finetuning our technology to meet your individual needs. At TOMRA Food, our technology is built around you – that’s what makes our industry-leading solutions unique.


Curious about what next year’s harvest might look like with the TOMRA 5B? Talk to one of our experts to find out more about how you can ensure next season’s success by implementing the TOMRA 5B into your processing line.




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Jeffry Steemans

Written by Jeffry Steemans

Global Product Manager - TOMRA Food