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New casing detection guarantees optimal food safety for sausage producers

Teepak and TOMRA Sorting Food join forces to develop a casing solution that makes it easier for sausage producers to detect pieces of casing in peeling operations, while still being able to track the color formation of the sausage during processing.

05 May 2016

At IFFA 2016 ViskoTeepak and TOMRA will present their new innovations, some of which are revolutionairy for the industry. The result of this synergy is a new patent pending innovation in the world of casing and casing detection.

In the production of skinless sausages, it is essential to guarantee that all fragments of the casing are removed from the surface of the sausages after peeling. ViskoTeepak has therefore developed a special casing type Wienie-Pak D-Tech that allows producers to verify that the casings are completely removed.

This type of casing contains a special component in the full body of the casing. The component leaves the casing fully transparent in normal conditions, but becomes detectable in combination with TOMRA’s Genius optical sorting machine.

During the processing of the sausages, the color formation can be followed as in regular clear casing and at the same time it becomes detectable while implementing TOMRA’s special optical module.

The innovation can be used to produce skinless sausages of all types, including frankfurters, hotdogs, mini-salamis and much more.

“The biggest advantage is that this casing allows for full automation of the detection and eventually the separation process with the correct sorting equipment,” explains Marc Vrijsen, Business Line Director at ViskoTeepak.

“Combining TOMRA’s Genius sorter with ViskoTeepaks’ D-Tech development, doesn’t only allow casing detection, but it is also possible to sort on size and other quality deviations such as color,” says Bjorn Thumas, Director Business Development at TOMRA Sorting Food.

“TOMRA’s Genius sorter can process up to 5 tons per hour and is equipped with high-end technology enabling the detection of good sausages and hotdogs from bad ones, including defects such as too light, too long, too short, attached and loose casing.”

Bjorn continues: “The requirements in food safety will continue to increase. TOMRA can now, together with ViskoTeepak, provide the most complete range of cellulose casing detection to help reduce the exposure of manufacturers. We take these concerns seriously and, by doing so, provide support for a long term sustainable business.”

Another benefit is the labor cost saving, since less workers are needed in the peeling/packaging section.

The innovation was thoroughly tested at a major German producer of salami snacks and the results were convincing. Shortly after, the customer decided to switch to D-Tech casing and TOMRA sorting technology.


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Written by TOMRA Food

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