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The human benefits of digitalization

Our digital sorting dashboard, TOMRA Insight, offers you a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool that not only optimizes your sorting operations but also makes your staff feel happy and content in their workplace.

Anywhere or anytime, on a desktop computer or a mobile device, TOMRA Insight gives you and your team the ability to see the status of your connected sorters. You can also consult historic and near-live reports and metrics to follow up on any machine’s performance and on the products that pass through it.

While a lot has been written and said about the possibilities of digital sorting data in terms of operational optimization, efficiency gain, and cost savings, we should not forget about the human benefits of it all. So, at a glance, what are they?

More comfort

For various profiles within your team, following up on sorting performance equals spending time in noisy production halls, each time changing in and out of safety gear. With TOMRA Insight, everyone can follow up on the sorting operations from the comfort of their office.

Less time loss

Typically, you and your team walk through the production hall and periodically check the metrics on the SCADA system of each machine. With TOMRA Insight, all of this information is automatically available on any computer or mobile device. At the same time, operators can be where they need to be instead of going back and forth between the sorting lines and the control room. They receive all relevant information, such as warnings and alarms, on their mobile phones.

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More satisfaction

With near-live metrics helping to take control of product quality and to use every sorter at it’s optimal infeed capacity, sorting teams can take pride in achieving important goals and benchmarks, such as productivity targets and meeting customer requirements.

Less frustration

Monitoring machine health and performance in near real-time enables your staff to solve issues quicker. They can more easily identify gaps in production, and detect potential root causes. Additionally, collecting and analyzing process data over a period of time enables them to predict and prevent future failures or machine shutdowns.


More support options

As TOMRA Insight is accessible on any device with an internet connection, it facilitates smoother collaboration and communication. When an operator encounters an issue on the sorting floor, he can easily consult a remote or off-duty colleague who’s looking at the same up-to-date information. The same applies to TOMRA’s technical support experts, who offer instant remote assistance.

Less repetitive tasks

A digital system that automatically pulls data from your sorters and makes it accessible in a dashboard, significantly reduces the need for many repetitive, time-consuming, and straining tasks. Manual data gathering and input from your sorters’ SCADA system is a good example. But you can also imagine needing to do less manual sampling to check on product quality. And a transparent overview of metrics, such as material distribution over time, allows for an optimization of cleaning or maintenance schedules.




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Marijke Bellemans

Written by Marijke Bellemans

Marketing Communications Manager - TOMRA Food