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Eamonn Cullen

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Steam peeling digital culture

Digital culture is the art of creating a society that uses digital tools to bring to life a real sense of shared experience. It's about bringing together passionate people employing a digital platform to create a shared experience.

Peeling yield and uptime improvements

Since the dawn of JIT, manufacturing companies have strived for greater productivity, higher quality, and reduced costs. Some think that they have set the bar relatively high, or perhaps they are content with the height they have established themselves, but standards are continuing to rise, and complacency will not help them reach their potential.
There is a quote by Seth Godin that says: "You can raise the bar or wait for others to raise it, but it's getting raised regardless."

TOMRA Food’s ongoing support shows ‘there is no strength without unity’

Could it be that social distancing brings people and businesses closer together?

Looking Towards a More Connected Food Industry

The world – particularly the world of food – is changing faster than ever before, with technological advancements and innovation fueling a whole new set of business requirements and consumer behaviors. With consumers already living in a digital world, the food processing industry is looking towards smart food processing and the ‘digital transformation’ required to digitalize their processes, enhance production, optimize efficiency and, generally, increase the overall quality and speed of their entire operation.



The world is currently wasting 1.3bn tons of the food produced for human consumption every year, which amounts to a third of all food produced for that purpose. From farm to fork, the issue of food waste is rife across all aspects of the supply chain and all corners of the globe. There isn’t just one solution to help reduce the impacts of food waste, however actionable steps can be taken to lessen the amount of food wasted. We are in the midst of a food waste crisis, and the world must respond now to reverse its impact before it is too late.

Blending potato varieties on the rise

Since the humble precursor to modern potato first domesticated in Peru 10,000 years ago, the tuber has branched off into thousands of different varietals. Far from being selectively exclusive, different potato cultivars are often combined during the food manufacturing process to get speciality mixes for unique potato derived products. Getting the blending right not only determines the look of the end product, but can impact both the texture, taste and durability.

Steam peeling: increasing profitability and reducing waste in potato processing

As TOMRA ships its 200th steam peeler from our state of the art processing facility in Slovakia, we take a look at the impact steam peeling has on profitability and waste reduction in the potato processing industry.