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I'm passionate and curious by nature. My curiosity led me to become a journalist and from there a senior marketing communication coordinator. 

I currently work for TOMRA Sorting Food and lucky me, I have the opportunity to work for an inspiring company that reflects what I believe matters: innovation, passion and responsibility. 

At TOMRA I wear many hats. I write articles, create stories, and work on PR activities trying to position our company as a thought leader in the food industry. I also work on our social media channels, stuffing them with content. Additionally, I'm focusing on our internal communication. 

What is your role at TOMRA Sorting Food?

My job title is Senior Marketing Communication Coordinator – but what’s in a name 😊 In short, it means I’m responsible for writing articles, story telling, public relations, social media, and internal comms.

Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?

TOMRA-DITLO-MB-02For me it’s very important to connect with the values of a company. I need to have the feeling that I’m personally contributing to a better world, a better environment, … and I very much have that feeling with TOMRA. By working for TOMRA I can step away from the side line and be a small part of a big chain creating that better world, and actually make a difference.  

What does your average work day look like? 

The beautiful thing about my job is that not one day is the same, there is a lot of variety within the job tasks. On one day I can focus on storytelling, the next I might focus on social media, and so on. But the common thread is definitely public relations. PR keeps me busy each day: connecting with journalists, magazines, … trying to position our company as a thought leader. Every day is a new challenge! 

What's the best thing about your job?

Flexibility. Variety. Outside-of-the-box-thinking. Hands-on mentality.  Creativity.

What are you passionate about professionally or personally?

Professionally I’m passionate about everything in my job. It truly feels that I have now found what I was looking for, and that’s challenge, and being able to push my own boundaries. It’s great to be able to do what I love, and that’s what I am passionate about.  I’m also passionate about the cocktail business I founded a couple of years ago together with my husband. It started out as a secondary activity, but now it’s his full-time profession. And last, but certainly at the top of my list, is my family. That’s my absolute true passion. 

What's your favourite holiday destination?

There are still quite some destinations on my bucket list, but until now: Bali as country, and Thailand for its delicious (street) food. Also, Barcelona ranks high on my favorites’ list.  

What's your greatest personal achievement? 

TOMRA-DITLO-MB-03Being a mother is simply the greatest personal achievement of my life. It’s a journey that constantly surprises me, indulges me, educates me and leverages me. 

Is this the industry you wanted to work in?

To be honest, I have no former experience of working within the automation industry, so I actually did not really have a clue. But I was inspired by the company’s mission and by what our food sorting machines were able to achieve. For me it’s not really the technical aspect that inspired me, but more the outcome, the result and impact that our company has on on the food on your plate. 

How long have you been with TOMRA?

4 and a half years.

What does a great day at work look and feel like?

A great day at work is a day in which I can write a new story draft or launch a project that we have been working on for a long time. What’s also great is a day where we sit down with some of the team members to brainstorm on new communication and ways to take our project to the next level.

What are the lessons you’ve learned during your time at TOMRA?

I learned so much about the food industry during my time at TOMRA. I had no idea how big the impact of our company is on food safety, food waste, … I’m not exaggerating when I say that what we do at TOMRA is pretty amazing

What makes you proud to be part of TOMRA?

Being part of a global company that tries to make a big difference.

Throughout your career – is there a particular day that stands out? 

There are a couple of days that pop up in my mind, and mostly they all relate to moments where we, as a team, launched a new TOMRA technology. The lead-up to each launch is pretty intensive, and it’s very rewarding when the outside world finally gets to see the results of the team’s hard work. A particularly nice TOMRA memory is the TV show in Spain where we had the opportunity to showcase our tomato sorting machine to a live audience of over 4 million people. The TOMRA crew flew over to Madrid and showed it there. 

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Who is someone you admire and why?

TOMRA-DITLO-MB-04There is nobody in particular that comes to mind, but I’m a huge admirer of people that bring out the best in you. In Dutch there is a beautiful poem by Toon Hermans “Er moeten mensen zijn die zonnen aansteken”; calling those inspirational people “people who light the sun”; people who are a little bit crazy-fun and have a positive outlook on life; people with a high goodwill factor

What do you do in your days off?

That’s mainly family time: having fun with my toddler (2 years old), and my husband. Next to that I’m a foodie, so I like culinary discoveries, daiquiris & G&T’s. I’m a (vinyasa) yogi, and I have ‘a green thumb’, as we say in Dutch, meaning I’m a pretty good gardener. 



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