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A day in the life of Marco Colombo, Global Category Director – Potatoes

Marco Colombo has been appointed as Global Category Director of Potatoes. Born and raised in Italy, Marco acquired a B.A in foreign languages from the University of Milan. Later, he also completed the Advanced Leadership Program at Ashridge Business School in the United Kingdom. Professionally, Marco has spent my entire career in the food and beverage industry. In his most recent role at Out of Home Business Unit at Lamb Weston Meijer, he was responsible for all commercial activities in the regions as the Head of Southern Europe, Brazil, and the Maghreb region.  

What is your role at TOMRA?

Global Category Director - Potatoes 


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Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?

I was immediately impressed by TOMRA’s willingness to lead a resource revolution, with the clear aim of optimizing limited resources by increasing productivity. More good food to more people, wasting less. This is very powerful. 


A combination of things made TOMRA Food a highly desirable company to work for and ultimately helped make my decision to join the team. Amongst those were their rich history as leaders in the resource revolution and innovation in sustainable practices, where their technology is utilized to allow more people access to good food.  

TOMRA Food is able to help the industry, which is comprised of family organizations and businesses, with solutions that can streamline their operations, enhance profits and maximize their available resources. 


TOMRA was founded to reduce waste, help the environment, and leave the planet better off for the next generation and these fundamental beliefs are visible in all aspects of the companies’ DNA.TOMRA had all the right cards on the table and their mission closely aligned to my personal beliefs.  


What does your average workday look like?

At the momentCOVID-19 is forcing me so sit down a lot in front of my laptop. This is not as originally meant, but I am making good use of it accelerating my learning process in TOMRA, getting more familiar with people, processes, and structure. And, where possible, giving my grain of sand of added value. 


What's the best thing about your job?

My job is very diversified, and it gives me the possibility to develop advanced expertise in the entire potato category, from field to fork. This is quite unique, and I would like to leverage it throughout the organization, making TOMRA the reference for our customers in the potato industry. 


What's the skill you's most like to have?

The ability to extend the number of hours in a day, which never appears to be enough! Jokes apart, coming from a non-technical background, I am striving to quickly develop sound knowledge and expertise on the technologies encompassing the base of TOMRA’s success. 


What are you passionate about professionally or personally?

Continuous improvement. Never being satisfied with what we have presently reached, but always have in mind where we can still improve, even if it’s a small thing, and not being afraid of making some mistakes to achieve growth.   


What's your favorite holiday destination?

Wherever I can swim in a crystal-clear sea, which is one thing I am very fond of. 


What's your greatest business achievement?

Having demonstrated it’s possible to bring added value and innovation even in a commodity industry, such as Frozen Potato Products. 


What's your greatest personal achievement? 

My family 


What did you eat for lunch?

Potatoes, of course 😉