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A day in the life of Ken Moynihan



What is your role at TOMRA Food? 
I look after the business area of sales, services, operations, and R&D for TOMRA Processed Food.

Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?  
I have had the privilege of improving how food makes it from the farms to consumers for my entire career. The first time I witnessed how much TOMRA does for the food we eat while looking down the supermarket shelves, I got hooked and never looked back. 

What does your average workday include?  
Typically, there is a significant amount of travel to markets and customers, but in COVID times things are different (and we are learning great lessons!) .
At the moment, I'll start early in the morning from the home office to align with the European timezone offices. Most of my meetings occur in this window - often back-to-back for a handful of hours. Around lunch, I will take a break and do some exercise, usually going for a run to regroup. I have occasional afternoon meetings but dedicate this is time to process emails and get into my best-focused work.   


What's the best thing about your job?  
Without question, it is teamwork towards a shared goal. Nothing is more satisfying than a big win you share with your people. My job is to remove the roadblocks when our teams align and help each person contribute to achieving our goal of giving the best to our customers and the planet. 

What's the skill you'd most like to have?  
In some ways - I am not very organized. Anyone who has worked with me knows how frustrating it can be at times, and I am working to improve this, but it is the skill I'd most like to have. 
As with most weaknesses, I suspect it's more effective to find ways to work with/around it rather than trying to beat it head-on. 

What are you passionate about professionally or personally? 
Professionally,  I am passionate about building winning teams that perform to a level where I just have to get out of the way. Hopefully, I can still contribute something now and then, helping take the team further in the endless quest for excellence. 
Personally, I am passionate about running, traveling, and food. Running is relatively new to me, but it is doing wonders for my mental health, and I will never look back. I have been a heavy traveler for the last 16 years and find the most rewarding experiences to be daring and challenging adventures. Food… well… I get to work with that every day, and who doesn't love great food?! 

What's your favorite holiday destination? 
This is just teasing me during COVID! 

What's your most outstanding business achievement?  
That's a tricky question. I like a challenge, so: the toughest assignment was when I moved into general management for the USA in 2017 when we (Compac) were in a very bad way. Every major customer was angry, our competitors smelt blood in the water, and we needed to turn it around. By the end of the year, we had a new team with a unique culture focused on the improved customer experience.  
It was a challenging year but a complete turnaround and deeply rewarding to regain the market's trust, including all of our most upset customers.  

What's your greatest personal achievement?  
Two come to mind, and the first is quite personal. I endured periods of depression in the past, and while the monster raises its head once in a while, I'm proud of the mechanisms I have set in place to maneuver the tough times. These tools have helped me recognize the early warning signals and encourage me to reach out as soon as I know I need help. 
The second achievement I am proud of is that I have managed to keep a very close group of friends from my high school and early university days through to today. These are still my closest friends, reliable, loyal, honest, and loads of fun!   

What did you eat for lunch?  
Today, I worked from home and had a Caprese salad with remarkably tasty tomatoes, homegrown basil from my little plant, and some beautiful fresh mozzarella.  





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