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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF Johnny Barclay

"2020 got off to an exciting start for me, full of change, and provided many new experiences. It started with me bouncing around the Americas - leaving my home in the States and spending February in Brazil with my girlfriend and her family. The next month, I got on a plane again to get situated across the pond in Belgium and start my new role at TOMRA Food."



What is your role at TOMRA Food?
I am the copywriter for TOMRA Food, and I work out of the HQ in Leuven, Belgium. I also manage our Social Media and develop our Customer Success pieces.

Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?  

Before joining TOMRA Food, I researched the organization, and I understood what they did, but only when I started working here did I comprehend how they impact lives worldwide. 

Food waste is an incredibly significant issue affecting people, the environment, and every organism on earth, and 38% of total energy consumption in the global food system produces either lost or wasted food. TOMRA technologies are protecting future generations by utilizing what we have more responsibly and lowering food waste in the supply chain. 

Being a part of a company that helps such a large group of people is really important to me, and I am happy to play my role to promote a positive change. 


What does your average workday look like?  

My days start with virtual housekeeping – reading and returning emails – checking Teams messages – staying on top of the various social media activities from the night before. Then, I usually get cracking on my projects, which generally involve a mix of researching, interviewing, writing, reviewing, and/or editing, between my meetings throughout the day. In reality, no two days start or end the same, which keeps it exciting and full of activity. 


What's the best thing about your job?  

I get to write for a company that believes in making the world a better place through food. The work environment allows me to share ideas freely, even if they are different from the rest of the pack, and on my team, iron sharpens iron - with everyone making the other members better. On top of that, each day I learn something new about food, and I love food...


What's the skill you'd most like to have?  

That is easy - the ability to perform street magic while speaking Portuguese. 


What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about my family, sports, friends, food, morals, principles, and making things better where I can. 




What's your favorite holiday destination? 

So far, the sunny beaches of Brazil! 


What's your most outstanding business achievement?  

With this story continuing each day, I would say, moving halfway across the world to start working in a new country has to be towards the top. 


What's your greatest personal achievement?  

I believe my most prominent personal achievement is knowing I have a lot to learn in life.


What did you eat for lunch?  

Thanksgiving leftovers  


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