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Helena Dreisig has been appointed as Head of People & Organisation TOMRA Group and TOMRA Food in January 2020. She joins TOMRA from the Global Minerals and lime producer Lhoist Group, where she spent 13 years in various international HR roles, most recently as VP HR Europe.

She was born in Denmark from Danish parents. During her youth she lived in the US, before moving to Belgium where she has kept her base.

Her career started in Executive Search with various international players like Heidrick & Struggles, Whitehead Mann, Russel Reynolds and a startup Lancor Group.

She studied Languages (English and Russian) and Modern Literature in Brussels at l’Université Libre de Bruxelles and complemented with a bachelor’s in finance & administration from St Louis Brussels.

Helena is married and has two boys.


What is your role at TOMRA?

I have a dual role to lead People and Organisation for the TOMRA Group and TOMRA Food.


Helena (21)


Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?

I couldn’t have written a better job for myself: the combination of the purpose of the company and the challenges that come along with it. I’m looking forward to combining the business agenda of leading the resource revolution with the recognition that people are the ones who make it happen.


What does your average work day look like?

Right now, my average day is all about learning: getting to know the people, their drivers, their worries and their ambitions. And getting to know the business: what makes TOMRA a great partner, how do we differentiate ourselves, what are our strengths … And finally, getting to know the culture: what does Passion, Innovation and Responsibility look like? What are the ingredients that have led to the success of TOMRA? How can we reinforce these dimensions?


What's the best thing about your job?


The diversity, richness of each individual and seeing how they contribute to the bigger picture.


What's the skill you'd most like to have?

  • If magic existed – to be able to heal.
  • In the real world – to be able to draw.


What are you passionate about professionally or personally?

I am passionate about differences, both professionally and personally. Whether culturally, culinary, artistically, personality wise … there are so many ways of doing things, looking at things, tasting things. It always energizes me to try to understand the other perspective and confronting my own world with the new input. Every time a door opens unto another magical picture. It truly brings more flavour to the world.

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What's your favourite holiday destination?

A small isolated island … in a day distance of a big city. I love the diversity.


Helena (17)


What's your greatest business achievement?

Having contributed to building a global team that was recognised for its team spirit and increased impact.


What's your greatest personal achievement?

Happy kids.


What did you eat for lunch?

I don’t know yet😉

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Marijke Bellemans

Written by Marijke Bellemans

Marketing Communications Manager - TOMRA Food