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A day in the life of Ender Elmas


What is your role at TOMRA Food?

I support Sales to sell more machines 😊 Customers need solutions for their problems, so sales managers and I try to find the best solutions for them. Which machine, with what configurations, the correct position, and more. I do tests and demos for customers and create reports, so when customers want to see results before buying, that means it's showtime for me.
On the other hand, we work on new applications as a SASE, creating application packages to guide people interested in these applications.
So, when people have questions, we have answers. 😊

Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?

I decided to work for TOMRA Food because the company is working to stop food waste. TOMRA cares about the planet, the animals, and TOMRA cares about me.

What is an average workday?

I can write a book about that question. I have worked for TOMRA for almost six years, and every day is different from the last.
If it's an office day - start with coffee or Turkish tea while I'm checking my schedule. Then, equip the machine, prepare the product, do the test, do the best, and finally create a report about the test.
If it's a field day - go to the customer, say hello to them, listen to their problems, then solve them. 😊


What's the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that I am part of solutions, I think. I can create trust, the bridge with people. What I learn with my job; focus on the answers and learn from the problems.

What's the skill you'd most like to have?

I want to learn more languages. I have met many people from different cultures in my time with TOMRA, and I would like to communicate with and understand everyone.


What are you passionate about professionally or personally?

I want to balance my personal and professional life, spending time with my wife and our cat while having a promising career, and I'm in the right place to do these.

What's your favorite holiday destination?

I enjoy the sea, the beach, and camping, and luckily Turkey offers a good answer for each of them.

What's your most outstanding business achievement?

Each time I visit a customer, I am developing or improving on a friendship and building the level of trust, and when I leave, I feel that I provided solutions.

What's your greatest personal achievement?

I try to be a good husband, a good son, and a good person.

What did you eat for lunch?

There not enough pages to describe Turkish Cuisine 😊



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