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I was born in Madrid, I have 2 brothers (Belen & Pablo) and my parents are called Santiago and Maria Luz. I went to Aguistiniano College in Madrid and then to University where I studied Agricultural Engineering. Alejandro Valencia DITLO-04I’ve been part of the ‘Scouts’ for 12 years where I have learned values and how to be a positive person. I love the sea and I have a degree of recreational boats skipper. I have a fantastic girlfriend called Leticia who is a teacher to 3 year olds. I worked at the company called GEA for 10 years before starting at TOMRA. When I have a spare moment, I love to go fishing, pilot my drone and make trips away with my friends from college or my girlfriend, to wherever possible. Most people don’t know but I was a DJ in my late teens/early twenties, playing in different clubs in Madrid and I have a musical school background as well. At home I have a DJ set where I regularly spend some time.

What is your role at TOMRA Sorting Food?

I am the area sales manager (ASM) for Spain & Portugal.Alejandro Valencia DITLO-02 I’m responsible for everything that has to do with selling sorting technology, agent-related-issues, discovery of new markets and promoting the TOMRA brand. I also have a close relationship with our service department regarding maintenance contracts and upgrades. Together we are TOMRA and therefor it’s important to help each other.

Why did you decide to work for TOMRA?

When I worked for GEA my whole professional life was dedicated to ‘industrial cooling and freezing equipment’. Two years ago, TOMRA contacted me with the opportunity to be responsible for Spain and Portugal and that attracted me. I’m interested in technology, and TOMRA is able to provide world leading technology and I’m very happy having started this adventure.

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What does your average work day look like?

Alejandro Valencia DITLO-01Usually my work mainly consists of travelling to visit customers, demonstrations and organizing customer events. When I don’t have to travel, I work from home where I have organized my office in such a way that I am in contact with the main office in Belgium, my agents in Spain and Portugal (L. Aguilar and Borrell) and my customers.

What's the best thing about your job?

For me, the most beautiful part about my job is getting to meet new people every day and having the ability to solve customer problems. It’s a job where every day is different and that gives you the opportunity to learn. For example, yesterday I got a phone call from a customer that wanted to sort lobster… So you see, every day is a new challenge!

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What's the skill you'd most like to have?

Alejandro Valencia DITLO-05I love the fact that I communicate with people from different countries in different languages. Personally it was a major change to communicate in English with my colleagues and I’m improving every day. TOMRA is also a language school which helps me develop and be able to talk to people from any country.

What are you passionate about professionally or personally?

I’m a positive person who tries to solve problems in a simple way. I believe that nothing is impossible if you put all means and efforts together. 

What's your favorite holiday destination?

Difficult question, but I’ll pick one. I’d love to travel to Lapland with my girlfriend to see the northern lights. That’s something we both dream of and we’ve discussed several times. We’re eager to go, so hopefully that moment happens soon.

What's your greatest business achievement?Video-Spanish-tomato-sorter

That’s obvious, last year TOMRA was presented on Spanish national television doing a live demonstration of sorting tomatoes on the popular entertainment show ‘El Hormiguero’, with 4.5 million of viewers each day. It was a great moment for all of us and after that performance, we were able to sell a sorter to a customer that watched the show.

What's your greatest personal achievement?

At this moment I’m realizing a childhood dream, I’m studying to achieve my recreational pilot's license. My family are well acquainted with aviation and it has always interested me. It’s has not been easy combiningAlejandro Valencia DITLO-03 work and study, but I try to study in-between business trips. I hope to graduate in 2019 and who knows, maybe the next time I have to travel to Belgium or a customer, I can fly the plane myself.

What did you eat for lunch?

I prefer ‘steak tartare’ and ‘chicken empanadas’. I’m not a chef but cheese pudding with pine nuts is a speciality my family is fond of. In the weekend I enjoy having breakfast with fresh orange juice, bread, tomato and Iberian ham.

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